Honda GX 200
*Billet Aluminum Intake Manifold converts
1" bore Tillotson carburetor to the clone
intake port.  Comes with hardware and fuel
pump pulse fitting. Some hand blending
required to match your port.
Much research and development
has gone into producing 2
proprietary cam profiles for
Clements Racing Engines, both
are dyno tested and competition
Racing pipes for the 200cc Clone
Engines are available at Clements.
Whether just the pipe or the pipe and
muffler kit, we have them in stock.
Pipe -   
Muffler  $39.95
Alcohol Induction Kit, everything in one
package!   Convert your Stock Clone into an
Alcohol burning Racing Engine.
GX 390 and GX420
Forged Racing Pistons available for
the Big Block Clone in Standard and
+1mm bore sizes.  Also available
with Standard compression height
and pin diameter, and also available
in new raised pin version for our new
"H"-beam long rod for the standard
crankshaft.  Piston kit includes
forged piston, tool steel wrist pin,
piston ring set and circlips.  
Hard welded lobe race cams available for
the Big Block Clones. This proprietary grind
did not just fall off the turnip truck.
Extensive dyno and on track testing has
proven this to be the winning profile.  
Competition exhaust systems, pipes and
mufflers available for the Big Block Clones.  
Ported Clone Cylinder Head with stock size
combustion chamber and swirl polished
stainless valves.  Can be milled to your
compression requirements.
GX200 Clone Head with larger 28.5mm
intake valve and seat installed. Stainless
exhaust valve installed, all port work
completed, milled to your combustion
chamber requirements.
Our most popular Modified Clone
Head comes with a 32mm (1.250")
intake valve and large valve seat,
also included is the stainless
exhaust  valve.  Both ports are
streamlined for maximum airflow
efficiency.  Head is milled to 14cc
chamber volume or your custom
request. Pictured with and without
valves installed.
Our Highest compression Modified Clone
Head pictured here with 28.5mm intake and
stock size exhaust valves and  *Clements
billet aluminum intake manifold.  This head
has an 11cc combustion chamber.  
Note location of spark plug to the milled
portion of the head.  This is a small
combustion chamber. These heads work
excellent on the Honda GX160.
Fully ported, flow bench designed,
GX390 and GX420 Cylinder Heads
available with swirl polish stainless
racing valves and combustion
chamber volume of your choice.
Billet Raised Tunnel Port Big Block Clone Heads coming soon.  Open & Closed Chamber
available, 2 valve & multi valve also coming soon.  Blows away the competition!!
Forged piston shown here with available stock
length billet rod and bearing insert for the
GX390 Clone. Rod and  Bearing are
Forged racing piston for standard bore
GX390 (88mm), downsized tool steel wrist
pin to .630" diameter and raised to
accomodate new longer billet rod.  Notice
valve reliefs pre-cut in piston in proper
Machined Billet "H" beam connecting
rods for the Honda GX-200 and clone
engines. These are stock length rods
that exceed the strength of "I" beam
rods. These come equipped with
military spec 12 point rod bolts and
rod bearing inserts. Depending on
cam size or stroke of your monster
engine, you may need to grind some
clearance between the rod and cam.
$85.00 ea.