Billet Aluminum Intake Manifold converts 1"
bore Tillotson carburetor to the clone
intake port.  Comes with hardware and fuel
pump pulse fitting. Some hand blending
required to match your port.
Much research and development
has gone into producing 2
proprietary cam profiles for
Clements Racing Products, both
are dyno tested and competition
Racing Pipes for the 200cc Clone
Engines are available at Clements.
Whether just the pipe or the
pipe and muffler kit, we have
them in stock.
Pipe -   
Muffler  $39.95
Alcohol Induction Kit, everything in one
package!   Convert your Stock Clone into an
Alcohol burning Racing Engine.
Ported Clone Cylinder Head with stock
size combustion chamber and swirl
polished stainless valves.  Can be milled to
your compression requirements.
GX200 Clone Head with larger 28.5mm
intake valve and seat installed. Stainless
exhaust valve installed, all port work
completed, milled to your combustion
chamber requirements.
We are now using only the
Genuine Honda cylinder head
for this build, a 32mm (1.250")
intake valve and large valve seat,
also included is the 28mm stainless
exhaust  valve.  Both ports are
streamlined for maximum airflow
efficiency.  Head is milled to 14cc
chamber volume or your custom
request. Pictured with and
without valves installed.
One of our favorite customers sent us his worn out
box stock Clone.  He asked us to turn it into a
Modified And what Jason is going to see is a whole
bunch of checkered flags in his future!  

The engine received higher compression ratio, fresh
bore and flat-top piston, streamlined ports for
maximum airflow, new billet H beam connecting rod, a
set of our reinforced rocker arms and a custom
blueprinted Tillotson carburetor specific to this
application.  Quality Products at affordable prices.
Stainless Valves
from Stock to Large Jr Dragster Vavles,  
Prices range from
$16.00 - $22.50 each.
Machined billet aluminum flywheel
with rare earth magnets for ignition
strength, available in adjustable or
non-adjustable styles.
$105.95- 179.95.
5-Bolt Lifan BSP Engine. Race Ready $750.00
for classes requiring billet flywheel - $850.
GX200 Flywheel
We took an existing 6" billet aluminum
flywheel and re-taperd it to fit the GX200
crankshaft! Cooling fins included.
GX200 Performance
These carbs have been totally dis-assembled,
venturis have been tuned to various sizes
depending on your regulations, choke mechanism
is removed, throttle shaft is thinned, fuel passages
have been drilled for proper fuel curve,
professionally assembled.  Gas or Alcohol.
$150.00 or
Extra Large Bore where external epoxy is
Temporarily unavailable
Clements Racing Products, LLC
Big Bore Kits Available Now, why wait when we can ship it today! Includes new cylinder
block for your GX200, bored and honed to 2.815", comes with Wiseco 1982P253 forged
piston, wrist pin and rings and also includes new billet 3.707" Rod and bearing.
(Piston will be cut for zero deck height using stock stroke crank, unless otherwise specified)
The New Clements GX200 'H' Beam Billet Rods are in stock and ready for shipping.
Available in standard length, 3.303" as well as the longer version for Modified Engines, 3.707".
Please notice a NEW industry First for billet karting rods; the rod caps are located to the
body of the rod by the use of hardened dowel pins as seen in photo below. Also notice the
step milled in the rod cap. Between the step and the dowel pins, movement of the rod cap
has been eliminated, until now all rod caps were located by the old saw tooth pattern that
we are familiar with but that didn't stop the rod cap from walking side to side. This new
H-Beam, Dowel Pin, Step design is far superior to existing rod styles! Rod includes bolts and
bearings. See more pictures on our photo page. $89.95 - $109.95.
We Listened!
The new Tall Finned Valve Cover for GX200
showing PCV check valves and oil delivery fitting
for rocker arms and valve stems (the check valves
and fitting are an option). This cover clears the
billet roller rockers.